GLUBBERS are the next big thing for your children.  A MUST HAVE this Winter Season!

What are GLUBBERS made up of:

  • Made of Environmentally Friendly Silicone
  • Waterproof - How cool is that?
  • Extended Cuff which was added for extra added protection of that sneaky snow that always seems to get inside of your jackets.
  • Keeps Hands Warm with the inner Poly/Cotton Liner
  • Easy To Clean
  • Durable, Won't Tear
  • Cool Design, Bright Colors

When can I purchase GLUBBERS gloves?

Our new style with our extended cuff comes in stock in late September.   Get your order in today!

What colors will they come in?

GLUBBERS come in Black, Red, Pink, Camo, Navy and Solid Purple. 

Have GLUBBERS been tested and approved by the Consumer Products Safety Division?

Great Question and the answer is YES - We recently were 3rd party tested for our gloves and PASSED a LEAD FREE test as well as PASSING a LOW TEMPERATURE TEST.  Low Test Description:  The product shall continue to perform its intended function and shall remain cosmetically acceptable after being placed in the chamber at -18C (0F) for 8 hours.  WE PASSED - HOW COOL IS THAT?  GLUBBERS GLOVES keep your children's hands dry and WARM!

What are Glubbers made of?

Glubbers are made from 100% environmentally friendly silicone on the outside and a Cotton/Poly Liner on the inside.   Let us break it down for you:  Silicone consists of four, readily available and abundant elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and silicon (which is the second-most abundant element on Earth).   In addition to being completely non-toxic, silicone is an incredibly durable, versatile, and environmentally conscious material. Silicone breaks down easily in environment, often recyclable, cold-safe, insulated, and easy to clean. The ability to repel water and form watertight seals, bendable, flexible, and does not support microbiological growth.  We think it’s the perfect material for our Glubbers Gloves.