Glubbers Gloves are awesome, aren't they?

So how did we come up with the idea? Here's our story...

Once upon a time a mom of three struggled to find a winter glove for her children. She tried one but it was too cheap. Her oldest put a hole in it the first day.

So, mom went back to the store a second time and bought another sturdy glove. But alas! Her youngest found it to be too big and bulky. She couldn't even bend her fingers! So she wouldn’t wear them.

Determined to find the right glove, mom went back to the store a THIRD time. She bought another pair of gloves. Not too cheap, not too bulky. The perfect she THOUGHT! After 20 minutes in the snow, her middle child came in crying because her hands were cold and WET!

Nothing pleased all three children. An unhappy ending so it seemed...but NO! This was the day the idea of GLUBBERS was born! This determined mom found the SOLUTION! She created a cool, new design that will help kids Stay DRY - Be COOL and KEEP PARENTS AND KIDS HAPPY!

And they lived Happily Ever After...

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